The Cirrus G6: So Easy a Caveman Could Fly It

Move ‘pilot sh*t’ straight to the top of your bucket list

January 13, 2017 9:00 am

Small planes aren’t for everyone. But if you were in the market for one, wouldn’t the words “smartest,” “safest” and “most advanced model to date” be on our checklist?

Thought so.

Add some mighty fine retro aesthetics to the mix and you’ve got the new Cirrus G6, aka the swaggy little starter plane that every aspiring prop pilot is going to be saving up for in 2017.

The sixth-generation flying machine features a just-launched Cirrus Perspective+ flight deck with a processing speed 10 times faster than their previous makes. This means it can deliver performance and safety information lightning fast. Other bells and whistles include a new keypad controller and a sporting QWERTY interface that allows the pilot to easily connect smartphones, tablets and laptops to the aircraft.

The team also partnered with emergency lighting mavens Whelen Engineering to integrate some of the brightest performance LEDs to date. The G6 aircraft is now more connected and more visible than ever before.

Don’t let the silhouette straight out of a circa-1975 Atari game fool ya — this plane has its feet firmly planted in the future.

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