Yes, It’s an IMAX for Your Face

No, it's nothing like 'A Clockwork Orange.' Hopefully.

September 5, 2017 9:00 am

Since we’re no longer going to the movies, Hollywood wants to bring them to you.

Starting with your face.

That sounds like a threat, but relax: Cinera is being touted as an “immersive personal theater headset.” (Not, you know, the Ludovico Technique.) While it looks like a clunky pair of VR eyeglasses, the set arrives with some serious cinema-like advantages.

Cinera (3 images)

To start, dual 2.5K displays and a 66-degree field of vision promise IMAX-like views and brighter, more colorful 3D — the makers tout the picture as three times sharper than a movie screening, four times sharper than a typical VR set and eight times the resolution of the iPhone 7+ screen.

A mechanical arm means you’ll be watching this hands-free, too (and without messing up your hair!). The set works in tandem with pretty much any device, be it a gaming console, Blu-ray player or streaming service like Netflix. And if you decide to add the optional First-Person View head mount, you can control your drone — you do have a drone, yes? — with the tilt of your head.

The usual caveat emptors about Kickstarter projects apply here, though demo units have been tested at a number of electronics/hardware conventions (successfully). Current preorders start at $449, with expected retail to be closer to $799, with an estimated delivery in November.

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