This Ping-Pong Robot Will Feed You 120 Balls a Minute

Unlock your inner Forrest Gump

October 25, 2018 9:00 am

Ping pong is a sustainable athletic skill.

Maybe you really did throw the pigskin 50 yards back in high school. Or clear six feet in the high jump. But that’s all “Glory Days” speak at this point, and besides, your back hurts. It’s  ping pong that boasts cradle-to-casket relevance. And one of the best ways to light up basements and BBQs for forevermore? 

The Butterfly Prime Amicus Table Tennis Robot

table tennis (3 images)

A tech-happy improvement on the prop-up-one-side routine, the Amicus comes with its own clip-on tablet and app. It’s pre-programmed with 20 different drills from German table tennis champ RIchard Prause, who looks like a real paddle whisperer in our humble opinion.

The app pairs with the table’s robot through Bluetooth technology, which then spits balls at you at a rate of 120 per minute. Expect variations in speed, spin and trajectory to keep you honest; it’s exactly what you need to finally handle your older brother’s wicked backhand. And the apparatus also includes a mesh backstop, so you won’t have to run around the patio fetching all the practice balls. 

To pick one up for the house, head here

All images from Butterfly 

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