Wooden Nails: Thing. A Handsome, Eco-Friendly Thing.

Well wood you look at that

October 13, 2017 9:00 am

They haven’t done anything to make thumbs safer just yet, but the folks at Germany-based BECK Fastener Group have made a tremendous change to one of the common nail’s fundamental characteristics: theirs is constructed entirely of wood.

Built from indigenous beech wood, LignoLoc nails have a level of tensile strength that is similar to aluminum nails and form an inseparable bond with solid structural timber when they are driven in, no pre-drilling required.

In addition to blending in with wooden surfaces, the LignoLoc nails will never bleed rust-colored streaks and are better suited than metal for fastening together sections in things like saunas, wood floors, pallets and certain pieces of furniture. More adventurously: boats, fences and reclaimed wood projects.

Order ‘em here and watch out for splinters.

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