This App Turns Your Photos Into a Coffee-Table Book on Demand

An app that preserves all your phone photos — automatically

September 6, 2017 9:00 am

The best photo you’ve ever taken is currently one swipe away from being lost forever.

Blame the digital age.

… Or use its tools to make sure that photo lives forever.

To chronicle and relive your best days, try Artifact Uprising Volumes.

Volumes is a new app that turns your best photos into a coffee-table-worthy journal, pretty much automatically. Scrapbooking, it is not.

Artifact Uprising (5 images)

An iOS app lets you save any and all photos you deem worthy into a special folder. Once you’ve selected 50 pictures, the app will ask you to approve and edit your selects, as well as choose the book’s title, cover style, colors, etc. The app will then forward the whole thing to HQ, where your photos will transform into a soft- or hardcover book on demand.

For the binding, you have two choices: the softcover Everyday Book ($19), made with recycled papers, or a thicker, linen-and-foil-stamped Legacy edition($39). Both are made in the USA.

Use case? Proving to your kids that they weren’t always smarter, fitter and better-looking than you. Or just a reminder that your best times deserve a more permanent home than a smartphone app.

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