A Knife for Every Adventure

7 versatile blades for survival and beyond

By The Editors
October 9, 2015 9:00 am

Pocket, fixed-blade, switch or otherwise: there are few things more utilitarian a man can carry than a trusty knife.

Hunting small game? There’s a knife for that. Shaving some kindling? There’s a knife for that. Opening your annual birthday check from Aunt Sally? There’s a knife for that.

To each scenario, its blade. Below: a knife for every occaison or adventure a man’s likely to encounter out there. Stay sharp.  

Ka-Bar Dog’s Head Utility Knife: From one of the most trusted fixed-blade makers in the world, the Dog’s Head Utility Knife is the civillian version of USMC Fighting and Utility Knife. Comfortable stacked leather handle, but built like a tank with a seven-inch carbon steel blade for precise slicing and dicing. BUY IT HERE

James Chapter Knife: A slick folding knife outfitted with a titanium-frame lock and a rust-free steel blade. One-hand flip action thanks to the handsome thumb stud. Fits in the palm of your hand. Clips easy to your pocket. Clean, minimalist and designed to impress. BUY IT HERE 

Opinel No8 Carbon Knife: Ideal for novices and experts alike, this simple slip-joint camp knife can take care of all your provisional wigwam tasks as long as you’re not fighting bears or building log cabins. Minimal parts. Timeless, rugged design that belongs in the wild. BUY IT HERE 

Spyderco Para Military 2: The Para 2 features a strong drop-point blade and some of the best ergonomics on the market. Incredibly smooth and fast action thanks to an oversized deployment hole. A smaller blade-to-handle ratio gives it a hefty hand-feel with unmatched control and strength. BUY IT HERE

Sog Access Card 2.0: Weighing in at 1.8 ounces with a slim titanium profile, the Access Card 2.0 from SOG takes the stealth knife to the next level. Black Ops-style black-on-black looks. Folds flat and clean. Easily fits in your back pocket. And made from premium Japanese steel, with a quick deploy mechanism you can manipulate with one hand. BUY IT HERE 

Kershaw Launch 1: With its fast action and slim blade profile, the Launch 1 is ideal for hitting the trail. A quick release button snaps the blade out and keeps it securely place. The edge measures 3.5 inches. A classy, plain knife that’s a joy to use, especially in a pinch. BUY IT HERE

William Henry Kestrel Pocket Knife: A gentleman’s knife if there ever was such a thing, the Kestrel series includes the kind of knives you display in a glass showcase box. Compact and artful. Beautiful inlaid designs, with materials like fossil corral and aerospace-grade titanium (pictured above). BUY IT HERE 

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