5 Styles of Bikes Perfect for Commuting

You're gonna want to stay off public transportation for a while

May 26, 2020 12:26 pm
5 Styles of Bikes Perfect for Commuting

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One of the effects of Covid-19 that seems like it will stick around even after things begin to improve is that people will try to avoid public transportation whenever possible. Some commuters will resort to driving, but this won’t be possible for everyone — notably those of us who live in cities where parking costs the same as a three-course meal.

For many commuters, riding a bike will be the answer. But since this whole thing started, and especially since the weather has started warming up, many online retailers’ stocks have been depleted. 

There’s a different genre of bike for pretty much every style of riding; here are 5 styles of bikes that are perfect for commuting, but for different reasons.

Hybrid Bikes

2020 FX 1 Stagger Disc

Hybrid bikes blend characteristics from different categories of cycling. If you want a generic, all-round bike ideal for road cycling, different terrains, and comfortable suspension, this is for you. from wide tires for stability to a lightweight frame, you can get off the line before anyone else. The upright geometry places your center of gravity in the perfect position, which guarantees maximum efficiency and performance.

Road Bikes

Domane SL 6

If your tires remain on tarmac the whole journey road bikes are the answer to whatever questions your commute raises. Lightweight, simple and speedy; road bikes provide perfect grip on the surface and are quick to set off at traffic lights.

Road bike frames are crafted from lightweight materials such as carbon or steel and absorb every bump and pothole, saving your arms from the aches and pains typical bikers suffer from.

Electric Bikes

Hyper E-Ride Electric Bike, 36 Volt Battery, 700C Wheels

Whether you’re traveling further than some of your colleagues or don’t want to attend the morning board meeting with sweat patches, electric bikes allow you to get to your destination in great timing and without the burden of a workout.

Some bikes offer different speed systems, allowing you to find the right speed when cruising to the office. 

Our personal favorite: mountain e-bikes, are more suitable for riders that may be cutting through parks before pulling into the city. Also great to take out on the trails at the weekend.

City Bikes

Loft 7D Step-Over

City bikes are built for the city.  Designed with comfort at the highest priority and style shortly second. The fork and frame absorb the ripples of vibration so you can have a pleasant ride.

City bikes often feature a classic step-through frame, making the bike easy to mount (for when you wear those suit trousers that are perhaps a bit too tight). Designed with grippy tires and commonly modern disc brakes, these bikes are suitable for any urban adventure you take on.


Cruiser Lux 3i Step-Over

From a sunset cruise through Central Park to a leisurely morning ride to the office, grabbing a coffee on the way, sometimes it’s not about where you’re going, but the journey getting there.

In my left hand is a blue pill, it gets you to the office in no time, but you don’t recall the journey. In my right hand is the red pill, you ride the Cadillac of bikes, white walls, shoulders back, and comfort that’s incomparable to any other bike genre. 

If you’d choose the red pill, then grab your helmet, you’ve found your ride.

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