Sappy Ending

By The Editors
August 8, 2012 9:00 am

To the discerning palate, a single malt has an “oaky nose” or “nutty sweetness”. But whither poor maple syrup, that glorious, full-bodied breakfast staple that can only be described as “uncomfortably minstrel”?

Here to replace your Aunt Jemima: Tonewood, an artisanal maple syrup with the pedigree of a single malt whisky.


Espousing a “tree-to-bottle” philosophy, family-owned Tonewood crafts unblended and unadulterated maple syrups and maple products on a tree farm in the Green Mountains of Vermont, where they care about the soil as much as a scotch distillery does (high altitude, southern-facing slopes = better sun exposure, richer soil).

The sticky results: a four-grade collection of densely rich syrup that’s twice as sweet as sugar, while also high in antioxidants and minerals.


Because man can’t really shouldn’t sup on syrup alone, Tonewood also crafts a line of delicate maple wafers, a luscious maple cream, a maple cube grated like a fine cheese, and even a zesty poultry seasoning with maple, black pepper and sea salts.

Tonewood also offers a CSA-styled Adoption program for small-farm trees, in which you receive Tonewood’s Four Grade Collection, a recipe book, and an adoption certificate — basically, making you the Aunt Jemima.


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