Why Didn’t Anyone Create a Booze Wedding Registry Until Now?

ThirstyNest' wants to stock your newlywed bar

July 25, 2017 9:00 am

I still remember the “you went OFF-registry?” chill I received at an engagement party when I dared buy the happy couple some unsanctioned barware.

Your future ex-friends do not need $400 candy dishes. They need booze. And booze accoutrements. They need ThirstyNest, a wine and spirits registry from some Wine Enthusiast alums, now taking orders.

Among their offerings: an extended range of glassware, wine openers, wine fridges, bar carts, a solid selection of vino and a decent spirits collection (yes, we will take that 17-year old Hibiki, thank you). All available to gift (or list) via a one-click registry. Plus: boozy travel bags. For the honeymoon or quick wedding escape, we guess.

Now the big question: Is there a wedding markup on prices? A bit: a few random searches proved the prices on spirits and wine were above market, though not excessive. That said, everything comes with free shipping.

It’s also  the only wedding gift your friends will happily share.



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