Did It Hurt When This Barn-Wood Wine Bar Fell From Heaven?

Bring every bottle up from the cellar. Time for an upgrade.

January 12, 2017 9:00 am

If you have enough good wine for a cellar, don’t hide it.

Bring it topside.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Sommi Wine Cellars specializes in “innovating and handcrafting wine storage solutions,” according to founder Vieng Oudom. Which means: making extremely eye-catching, made-to-order wine cellars that often outshine the vino they’re holding.

Sommi (4 images)

The new Sommi Wine Bar is part of the company’s Credenza Series, which we previously profiled/loved. In fact, the new bar started as a custom build for a client who wanted a Credenza cellar transformed into something a little more showy for their Las Vegas pad.

The Wine Bar is built out of 100-year-old barn wood reclaimed from the client’s Oregon property. It houses 156 bottles of vino in refrigerated compartments (separated for red and white), and the stemware is stashed overhead on a rack held up by hand-forged steel hardware beams.

Want your own take on the cellar? It’s not cheap: the Cellar alone will run you $9,950, while the Wine Bar offers a mysterious “call for pricing.” But you get what you want for that price: Sommi offers full customization (including size, shape and wood finishes) and a free initial consultation.

Suggestion? Pour yourself a glass or three and think about it.


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