This Well-Liked Zero-Proof Margarita Is Back for a Limited Time

Recess's no-booze take on the popular cocktail sold out in six days last time it was out

Recess Zero-Proof Margarita in a can and a glass; the limited-edition release is back on sale.
The Recess Zero-Proof Margarita is available for a limited time

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Just because you don’t feel like a drink doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the idea of a margarita.

While I’m not a huge fan of all non-alcoholic “mocktails,” I do like the zero-proof margarita from Recess, which is now back on sale for a limited time. This is a hemp- and adaptogen-infused sparkling beverage brewed with real lime and agave.

I tried it recently, and while it veers closer to a citrusy tequila seltzer…that’s not a bad thing! The tequila-based ready-to-drinks (RTD) options have been far and away the best and most refreshing options in the growing canned cocktail realm; a drink that approximates those flavors arrives with a built-in advantage, and my Recess drink session was enjoyable and refreshing. Bonus: It’s also just 25 calories per can.

A can of Recess Zero-Proof Margarita and its purported health benefits
Some of the non-boozy ingredients in a Recess Zero-Proof Margarita

Now, regarding the hemp and adaptogen infusion: Recess claims their ingredients keep you calm, cool and collected. In my very non-scientific study of one (me), I did find myself a bit more receptive to the dumb movie I was streaming, and my sleep that night was definitely sound. At the very least, I had no hangover and actually felt good in the morning, which is not how I’m going to feel on, say, May 6th.

The Recess Zero-Proof Margarita is back until supplies run out (last time, that was six days, so hurry).


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