Men’s Rare House

By The Editors
June 12, 2012 9:00 am

The blessing of a steakhouse — i.e., the  steady supply of farm-raised, juicy, delicious cuts — can also be a curse, i.e., the haggard, dry-aged waitstaff lifers who serve them.

So for all the steakhouse-quality cuts you desire, but in the privacy of your schmaltz-free home, check out Rare Cuts, which ships the nation’s best meats right to your door.

[callout]…. meaty selections, all sourced from family farms with strict livestock guidelines[/callout]

Founded by a steak-obsessed New Orleans foodie/entrepreneur, Cuts is a beef-a-palooza of meaty selections, all sourced from family farms with strict livestock guidelines, e.g., 100% vegetarian diet, no hormones or antibiotics, etc. That stock is guaranteed to be aged a minimum of 20 days, then cut, selected and vacuum sealed for overnight delivery ($65 minimum).

To help you choose from their beefy ‘palooza, Rare provides the Steak Matrix — an interactive chart that compares your options by intensity of flavor and meat tenderness. The site also offers a series of grill-friendly videos, recipes and blogs.

For the questionably meat averse, Cuts also delivers succulent slices of porkbelly, baby back ribs, lollipop lamb rib chops, veal loins, whole quails, foie gras and even alligator sausage.

Not that you want food with any more attitude.


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