Better Start Stockpiling Your Russian Vodka Now

One state is considering banning the spirit because f*ck Putin

January 12, 2017 9:00 am

The news cycle this week has been dominated by reports about what did or didn’t happen with a yellowish, Russian-made liquid.

But there’s also a controversy brewing over a Russian liquid of the clearer variety.

Earlier this week, Senator Jeff Woodburn of New Hampshire proposed legislation to create a commission to consider punitive measures against Russia for meddling in November’s election — including banning Russian-made vodka from the shelves of all 79 state-run liquor stores. Woodburn, a Democrat, also wants the proposed commission to consider instituting a measure requiring the Granite State’s retirement system to divest from any Russian-based assets.

“Given this confirmed interference in our elections, New Hampshire shouldn’t just continue a ‘business as usual’ relationship with Russia,” the senator said in a press release.

If the vodka ban ever did go into effect, it would be quite costly, as New Hampshire pulled in nearly $2 million in profits from selling Russian-made hooch in 2016, the Union Leader reported.

Live free or die — and load up on Mother Russia’s spirits while you can.


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