Monitor Your Meat From Afar Using a Wifi Thermometer

A watched bone-in ribeye never sears...

October 14, 2016 9:00 am

It’s not quite as egregious as what happened with Suicide Squad  but there are few things that are as big a waste of potential as an overcooked a piece of top-notch steak.

In order to prevent sirloin from being cooked into shoe leather ever again, Loki Products created a wifi-connected “smart meat thermometer” that allows home chefs to monitor the temperature of whatever they’ve got on the grill or in the oven or smoker from wherever they want via an app.

After inserting the Loki Sphere’s probe, owners can select the ideal temperature they want their meat to reach and then receive an alert on their smartphone when that heat level is achieved.

Compatible with beef, pork, chicken, lamb and seafood, the Sphere tracks the progression of whatever is cooking and then records that data to use as a baseline for future meal-making.

“Our device can offer you advice on how you should be preparing your food, how long it’s got left, internal and ambient temperatures, and more,” Loki Products CEO James Hammer told Digital Trends. “If you do a really good cook of a brisket or a pork shoulder or something like that, you can see what you did to cook it like that — and try and repeat it in future.”

The Sphere is up on Kickstarter and it’s still possible to get one of the meat monitors for $89.

Guess aliens aren’t the only ones with smart probes.


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