Heinz Is Bringing the Heat With Three New Spicy Ketchups

Just in time for backyard barbecue season

lineup of heinz spicy ketchup and steak sauce with someone dunking a chicken nugget
Your next smash burger is calling for these
Kraft Heinz

We’ve all dipped a French fry into an unmarked cup of ketchup, only to discover that it’s a disgusting off-brand that does no favors for even the crispiest, most delicious spuds. You know what we’re trying to say — no one does ketchup quite like Heinz. And now, the brand is blessing us with three new flavors of spicy ketchup, just in time for warm-weather grilling.

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No matter if you have a low tolerance for spice or climb the Scoville Scale for fun, there’s a new spicy Heinz ketchup for you. The Chipotle version is medium spicy with a deep, smoky flavor, while the Jalapeño is dubbed as “hot” and packs a little more of a punch. Finally, the “hotter” Habanero is the spiciest of the three, and it sounds like a pretty perfect pepper to mix with Heinz’s sweet, tangy ketchup. In addition to the three ketchups, the brand is also launching Heinz Hot 57 Sauce, which is dosed with jalapeños, perfect for giving grilled meats a kick. The new bottles are already rolling out across the United States and could come to a grocery store near you as early as today, April 4. 

The spicy ketchups come in 14-ounce squeeze bottles for about $3.99, and the Hot 57 Sauce is available in a 10-ounce bottle for $5.59. Even if you aren’t as obsessed with ketchup as Patrick Mahomes or don’t believe in putting the condiment on a hot dog, we’re sure you can find something to love about these fiery new pantry staples.


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