Deal: Field Company Is Throwing a Rare Cast Iron Sale. Don’t Miss It.

The factory seconds sale offers big discounts on impossibly light skillets and Dutch ovens

The No. 10 cast iron skillet from Field Company on a blue background. The brand is throwing a factory seconds sale on cast iron cookware.
If you want a skillet that can do a bit of everything, get the No. 10.
Field Company

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Not all cast iron is created equal, but one trait of the old-school cookware that’s usually nonnegotiable is the weight. For all their benefits, the skillets are heavy, which makes them a hard sell for many home cooks.

Then Field Company came along. As we discussed in our thorough review of their No. 8 skillet, they make some of the lightest cast iron on the market, which makes them a good buy any day of the week. Today, their proposition got even better, as they opened one of their rare Factory Seconds Sales where you can take about 30% off their skillets (in five sizes), skillet lids (in four sizes) and bare cast-iron Dutch oven.

As with most factory seconds, the reason these pieces are heavily discounted is because they will have some slight cosmetic imperfections. They will perform just as well as the unblemished models, including holding up over time while your nonstick pans get trashed over and over, but there are some “scratches” or “dings” that make them unable to be sold for full price. 

The Dutch oven from Field Company sitting on the stove. The bare cast iron pot is on sale during the brand's factory seconds sale.
This Dutch oven is bare cast iron as opposed to the enameled models you’re used to.
Field Company

Personally, I’ve had a great experience purchasing other types of cookware from factory seconds sales, but cast iron seems like your best bet. After all, these are supposed to be heirloom pieces that get passed down, so what’s a scratch here or there but added character? And if this will be your first cast iron skillet and you’re wondering what to make with it, we recommend pecan sticky buns.

So what should you buy? The Dutch oven is ideal for someone who wants to explore beyond the world of enamel. If you’re here for skillets, get the No. 8 if you want to add a versatile pan to your cast-iron collection and the No. 10 if it’s your first pan and you want something that can do a bit of everything.


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