Exercise-Themed Food Labels May Lead to Appetite Loss

UK’s RSPH wants “activity equivalent calorie labeling”

By The Editors
April 7, 2016 9:00 am

If a slice of pizza warned you it would take a 40-minute walk to burn it off, would you still eat it?

(Nodding ensues).

Us too. Just some food for thought.

It’s probably not of immediate concern for Americans, but pies in the U.K. may soon arrive with labels informing eaters how long that would have to bike, run, walk or swim to burn off the calories they about to ingest.

“Activity equivalent calorie labeling,” an initiative backed by the UK’s Royal Society of Public Health, comes after the agency determined more than 50% of consumers would “positively change their behavior after viewing front-of-pack” warnings about food.

RSPH “Exercise equivalent calorie labelling” 3:25

Thus far, only one British brand — Taking the Pea — has formally adopted the packaging. But considering that 66% of adults in the UK are overweight or obese (that number is closer to 70% in the U.S.), expect more to follow.

Image via RSPH

Is a chicken and bacon club really worth a 40-minute run?

Sure, but maybe hold the mayo.


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