Your Cutting Board Probably Isn’t Made of Teak, Which Is Why It Is Inferior

Looks better. Smells better. Cleans better.

April 19, 2018 9:00 am

Cheap cutting boards smell funny until they’ve had about 10 uses. Weirdly sterile. Like glue, or the inside of a medical glove.

And beyond 10 uses? You’re just counting down the days until that porous piece of clapboard erodes from waterlogging and snaps in half. And then you buy a new one, and the process repeats itself.

As with most commodities, this is what happens when you buy the discount version: you think you are saving money, but really you are buying a bad product that will fall apart and demand a replacement, and eventually you will lose money.

If you’d prefer not to do that, we like Edge of Belgravia’s new Teak Star boards, currently on Kickstarter with an expected delivery date of November 2018 (they’ve already hit their goal with more than two weeks to go).

Edge of Belgravia Teak Cutting Boards (2 images)

What makes these boards so stellar? Simple: they’re made of heavy, durable teak wood, aka the same stuff that shipmakers have been using to build hulls for centuries thanks to their naturally water-resistant properties.

In a cutting board, the advantages of teak are multifold: the boards don’t soak up precious juices, they don’t become discolored from liquids seeping into their grain, and they’re an absolute cinch to clean.

These artful, hexagonal boards also make for great serving and displaying pieces, and EoB has paired them with some exceptional cutlery options for their crowdfunding campaign. They’re currently available in two sizes (9.8″ or 13.8″), with the larger one also offering an optional juice trench.

Check out their Kickstarter page to thumb through the various purchase options, all of which are heavily discounted until the campaign ends.


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