Buffalo Trace’s New Bourbon Was Created by 100k Whiskey Lovers

2015: Fans weigh in on the 'perfect bourbon.' 2018: It exists.

If you’re a bourbon lover who enjoys talking about the brown spirit with other bourbon lovers, you’re gonna want a pour from W.L. Weller’s new C.Y.P.B. bottle, which is short for “Craft Your Own Bourbon.”

Back in 2015, Buffalo Trace Distillery launched a fun marketing campaign, inviting drinkers of all backgrounds to craft their own perfect bourbon. The interactive site — meant to be an educational tool at best — allowed guests to pick a mash recipe, warehouse placement, age and proof. More than 100,000 people answered the call, and those results have now birthed a crowdsourced bourbon.

“Although we certainly didn’t set out to produce a new bourbon based on this ‘Craft Your Own’ experience, the results are overwhelmingly consistent, so why not give whiskey drinkers what they want?’” said Buffalo Trace senior marketing director Kris Comstock in a press release. “We’re thrilled how so many fans have interacted with the website, and we hope more will try their hand at crafting their perfect bourbon.”

As chosen overwhelmingly by the palates of its customers, the W.L. Weller C.Y.P.B. will be made from a wheat recipe, aged eight years on the top floors of the warehouse and bottled at 95 proof. No official word yet on a release date, but expect a limited batch of C.Y.P.B. to be released every year, beginning this summer.

Keep a close eye on Buffalo Trace for updates.


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