You Can Now Make Pour-Over Coffee on the Fly

What do we want? Better brew! Where do we want it? Anywhere!

February 1, 2017 9:00 am

Pour-over coffee is easy, low-tech and inexpensive, if slightly more time-consuming than a drip machine: the slow-but-steady process needs constant attention (and pouring skills) and about three minutes of your day. Enough time that you might want to take the job with you.

Enter BRuX.

BRuX from Boco is a new vacuum-sealed stainless steel vessel that allows you to brew and drink from one bottle. Built from just three parts, the brew cone retracts inside the bottle, so there are no mesh filters or flimsy stems to futz with: you just throw out the used filter when you’re done.

Brux (3 images)

According to the founders, the non-glass BRuX was designed for making great coffee during your outdoor escapades. “As rock climbers, we noticed many of our friends bringing along glass French presses to brew coffee during our weekend long excursions. We found this preposterous,” says Boco co-founder Joel Bebo.

Bad news? The BRuX ($70) sold out extremely quickly, but there is currently a waiting list.  


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