This Countertop Oven Cooks Twice as Fast as Your Normal One

Brava wants to be the Tesla of cooking

July 20, 2018 9:00 am

Some of you are probably fantastic home chefs … when time permits.

But when commitments get in the way of your culinary fantasies, there is Brava.

Just launched, Brava (dubbed “the world’s fastest oven”) is a countertop stove that runs on something called Pure Light Cooking, which is essentially cooking in infrared.

“It’s the speed of a microwave, but the taste of cooking on a stovetop with a cast-iron skillet,” explains Brava CEO John Pleasants, who invited us to a test kitchen in New York for a quick meal.

Emphasis on quick: This is an oven that can reach 500 degrees in a second. And with six individual lamps inside, it can control the temp and cook all the different parts of your meal simultaneously.

Seriously, you can cook your protein, side dish and veggies all at once, and the on-board monitors and built-in temperature probe will keep each component at the perfect temperature.

“The idea here is to make something that fits into people’s lives and make them cook amazing food at home really simply and quickly, in about 10 minutes,” says Pleasants, as he and Brava’s Head of Culinary Development Travis Rea prepped us a meal.

Admittedly, the seared, medium-rare salmon, asparagus and cherry tomatoes meal we (thoroughly) enjoyed actually took 16 minutes total, but that included all the prep work and clean-up. Bonus: We used only one tray, and less energy than a conventional oven would have just to pre-heat.

Brava Countertop Smart Oven (3 images)

You can utilize one of Brava’s preset recipes if you wish, or push a few buttons to program your own meal. Whatever your choice, the device pings your phone and shuts off when the food is ready, so it’s truly redefining the phrase “set it and forget it.” (Don’t trust it? You can always spy on your meal via your smartphone app and Brava’s built-in camera.)

A few other things we liked: the outside of the oven didn’t really get hot. If you find an optimal setting or recipe not in the system, you can save it and share it with the entire Brava community. And it’s versatile enough to fry eggs or toast bread — again, with far more accuracy than a toaster or toaster oven.

About the only things you don’t want to do with this? Heat up water or cook a microwave meal (or, because of size, attempt a Thanksgiving turkey).

Brava also offers meal kits a la Blue Apron: think Brava Spatchcocked Chicken with Brussels sprouts and butternut squash or Pizza Margherita with mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes and basil. But if you stick to simple recipes and everyday ingredients, you’ll be fine on your own.

Brava starts at $995 for preorders, a savings of 23% off full retail. A slightly more expensive version comes with an egg tray, along with a cast-iron chef’s pan and grill pan. The ovens ship late this fall.


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