The World’s Best Grill Man Just Created This Towering Inferno

No mere grill — it’s a veritable “altar to the flame.”

October 29, 2018 9:00 am

We have some good news, and some bad, from Argentine chef Francis Mallmann.

That would be the man made famous by Patagonian open-fire cooking, the man who starred in the actual best episode of Netflix’s Chef Table, the man whom Esquire called the most interesting chef in the world. (Full disclosure: They phrased it as an interrogative, but we all know the answer is yes.)

First, the bad news: According to Mallman, “In 30 years we won’t eat meat anymore.”

Now, the good: He’s currently collaborating with Best Made Co. on a new line of products, presumably so we can make the most of the next three decades.

This is, of course, no ordinary backyard barbecue. Mallmann’s Grill is an eight-foot-tall behemoth — or, as Best Made might put it, “a towering steel structure that showcases the best of traditional Argentinian grilling, a veritable altar to the flame.”

Anything you dream up, you can do: Smoke or roast, grill or sear, wood or charcoal — using either the “grated grill for flame exposure, or a plancha-style flat top,” with heat courtesy of a “ventilated fire box [that] emulates a chulengo pit roaster.”

Other similarly baroque products in the Best Made collab include Mallmann’s Oversized Bandana (it’s a multipurpose five-foot-long piece of Japanese cotton that you can “wear as an elegant scarf, use to protect your hands from hot cast iron, tie around your face in the midst of a dust storm or set out on the ground as an impromptu tablecloth”), Mallman’s Notebook Cover ($128, notebook not included), or Mallmann’s Gaucho Knife.

And maybe come 2048, just refer to Mallmann’s new vegan cookbook. Pineapple barbecue FTW.

Photos courtesy of Best Made Co.


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