Nine New Coffee Products That’ll Actually Improve Your Morning

Your buzz is about to get a little more interesting

July 31, 2017 9:00 am

Coffee is how most of us started our day. (We’re certainly not drinking tea.)

But coffee isn’t just about energy. It’s about inspiration — as proven by nine new java products that’ll redefine how you enjoy your morning joe.

Herein: a coffee so strong its tagline is #fueledbydeath, the world’s most expensive (and interesting) coffee beans, and a device that turns hot java into iced coffee in 90 seconds

Can’t beat that with a swizzle stick.

A suspicious-looking pipe (and a quad jet torch) that delivers a shot of coffee in three minutes. For the “coffee is my crack” crowd.

Blue Bottle Cold Brew Bottle
Simplify your cold brew with this elegant bottle/filter from our favorite coffee chain— just add ground coffee to filtered water, put in fridge overnight, wake up to a refined jolt.

Turn regular hot coffee to iced goodness in ninety seconds with this three-chambered, stainless steel mug. Lacks the smoothness that a proper cold brewing will do, but hey, sometimes you only have a minute or so. Also works for non-java treats (yes, think alcohol).

Fire Department Coffee
We’ve been drinking this exceptionally bold blend for months — makes for a powerful cold brew, and we like that a portion of the sales go to military and firefighter charities (and their take on the dreaded K-cups are actually good!). Plus, they now have special blends infused with bourbon, rum and tequila.

Coffee Gator
This handsome stainless steel canister allows CO2 to leave and blocks air and light from getting in, protecting your artisanal beans. Now also 25% off.

Keepers Citrus Coffee Soda
Skeptical until we tasted it, this citrus-y coffee drink (produced at Foodworks Brooklyn) delivered an energetic buzz that lasted for a few hours while being light and refreshing. Available now for pre-order (as is the like-minded Matchless Coffee Soda).

Death Wish Nitro Brew
Ridiculously strong coffee, possibly irresponsibly so — it’s 200% more caffeinated than a normal cup, and the company’s promoting it with the hashtag #fueledbydeath. Now canned and nitro’d for a smoother flavor, and also $5 off.

Port of Mokha
You can trace the history of coffee back to Yemen. The just-released Trilogy Box Set features three 4 oz. bags of beans cultivated in the area in some of the most elevated (and politically turbulent) growing conditions in the world. Originally a flashpoint because of its high price — cups sold at Blue Bottle were $16 — what you’re really getting here is great coffee with an amazing backstory. Sip on that.

Firelit Coffee Liqueur
A single-origin, hand-roasted coffee that’s cold brewed, then blended and aged with a brandy-coffee infusion. Great for buzzy White Russians.

Reminder: If you’re drinking booze and coffee this summer, we have a recipe for you.


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