Thrift Store Find Yields Photo Archive of Hollywood A-Listers

Costner, Cruise and Willis among the actors photographed

Laurence Fishburne archival photo
Laurence Fishburne wasn't the only famous actor seen in a cache of thrift store photos.

For some, there can be a charm in finding old photographs or other images at a thrift store. For some, it’s an opportunity to make art or be inspired; for others, it’s a window into the lives of complete strangers. But what would happen if you found a cache of photos at a thrift store, took a look, and discovered that the complete strangers were some of the biggest movie stars of the last few decades?

That’s what happened in Belgium, at the shop Opnieuw & Co. A report at Design You Trust has the details (and also a host of amazing photos). The album featured a host of notable actors and filmmakers, all posing next to the same woman. And while identifying the Hollywood celebrities in question wasn’t difficult — they included the likes of Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Kevin Costner and Bruce Willis — piecing together the woman they were posing with took a little more effort.

It turns out that she’s Maria Snoeys-Lagler, who was a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, aka the organization that awards the Golden Globes every year. It does provide some context as to why these photos exist, and how one person could be on such good terms with so many of the biggest names in the film industry.

And beyond the still-unknown story of how the photos ended up in the store to begin with, this archive of images also provides a window into an earlier era of the film and television industry. Some of the names and faces here remain at the top of their game; others, less so. It’s a fascinating glimpse at one industry’s history.

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