The House From “Home Alone” Is on the Market

The asking price is $5.25 million

House from the movie "Home Alone"
The house from "Home Alone" is now for sale.
Jacek Boczarski/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

If you’ve ever wanted to be home alone in the house from Home Alone, there’s a very easy way to realize that goal. All you’ll need to have is the low, low price of $5.25 million and it can, in theory, be yours. Located in Winnetka, Illinois — just north of Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan — the house’s brick exterior will be familiar to anyone who spent time watching young Kevin McAllister torment the Wet Bandits in ways that would likely be fatal in real life.

According to the house’s Zillow listing, the domicile underwent a renovation in 2018, though the current owners sought to “[maintain] the architectural detail and integrity of the home’s most memorable and recognizable spaces.” All told, one lucky buyer will get their money’s worth: this place has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, and sits on a half-acre lot.

In 2015, Chicago published an oral history of Home Alone that offered some insight into how the filmmakers chose the Winnetka house to begin with. Its origins related to another film that featured some of the same cast and crew. “I’d actually scouted the [McCallister] house for Uncle Buck, and John Hughes didn’t select it,” location manager Jacolyn Bucksbaum recalled. “It was in my file box.”

Some of the house interior scenes were shot on a soundstage in a local high school, but the family who owned the house at the time remained on site for much of the process. “In that house, there’s a master bedroom suite with four rooms. Basically, we just moved into that. We put a hot plate up there to cook,” John Abendshien explained. “We didn’t have to cook that much, because we had full access to the food truck that the crew used, which our daughter, who was six at the time, loved.”

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This isn’t the first time the house has been accessible: in 2021, the same home was listed on Airbnb, with one of the film’s original cast members making an appearance. And it turns out being associated with a beloved film is good for real estate values: the last time this house changed hands was in 2012, when it sold for just under $1.6 million.

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