We Just Got a Step Closer to Seeing Rivian’s Cheaper R2

The EV maker is finally ready for the big unveiling

A Rivian plant with an R1T electric truck. The EV maker set a date for unveiling its new R2 model.
Rivian revealed the date of when it will reveal the R2.

In a world where movie teaser trailers have teaser trailers, it’s not so strange to see an announcement for an announcement. That’s probably the best way to classify a recent dispatch on social media from EV manufacturer Rivian, after all. The announcement? “Get ready to meet R2 on March 7th.” This didn’t involve an actual glimpse of the automaker’s next model, an SUV and truck platform expected to be smaller and more affordable than the R1S and R1T; it was more of a promise of a glimpse.

That’s not to say that nothing is known about the R2 — or, for that matter, the announcement. Car and Driver has been keeping tabs on Rivian’s new venture, noting that the R2 is expected to sell for around $40,000 and have a range in the neighborhood of 300 miles. Expectations are high for this model. Last year, a Forbes headline predicted that the R2 would be the automaker’s “Model 3 Moment.”

As Brooke Crothers pointed out in the Forbes article, the lower price is one big reason why the R2 is anticipated to be much more widespread than the more expensive R1. Another reason? Domestic battery production, which would make the R2 eligible for a larger tax credit.

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As for where Rivian might be making their announcement, there’s been plenty of speculation there as well. Engadget’s reporting pointed to Laguna Beach as a likely venue. Given that the automaker reopened the South Coast Theater there as a retail space, it’s not surprising to think that they’d want to make use of it for such a high-profile event. As for more details on what to expect from the R2, we’ll know a lot more in just over a month.

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