A Rivian Just Won the Nation’s Longest Off-Road Rally

A landmark win at this year's Rebelle Rally

Rivian at the Rebelle Rally
One of the four Rivians driven in this year's Rebelle Rally.
Rebelle Rally

Over the course of eight days, the Rebelle Rally takes its teams of drivers across over 1,500 miles of desert terrain in California and Nevada. The competition is open to women only and bars competitors from using their vehicles’ GPS systems. And this year, in the 4×4 category, an electric vehicle won for the first time — a Rivian R1T, operated by a pair of employees of the automaker in question.

As Iulian Dnistran reports for Inside EVs, the “Limestone Legend” team of Lillian Macaruso and Alexandra Anderson finished first in their category, winning 88% of the available points over the course of the event. Their team operated one of four R1Ts in the event; the next-highest Rivian, with the team of Mandy Brezina and Alexandra Gilman, finished 11th in the category.

Inside EVs reports that Macaruso works as a Special Projects Engineer at Rivian, while Anderson is a Senior Mechanical Engineer there.

In reporting on the rally’s results, Dnistran also points out that this is not the first time Macaruso and Anderson have competed in the event. Last year, the duo finished fourth overall out of 45 teams in their category — an impressive showing then and an even more impressive one this year.

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Since its inception, the Rebelle Rally has garnered praise from the drivers who have competed there. Off-road racer Bailey Campbell has called it “the most adventurous, memorable, and exciting journey I have had throughout my off-road career.”

Driving across well over a thousand miles of desert terrain without a GPS sounds like no easy task. With impressive performances in two Rebelle Rallies under their belt, the Limestone Legend team has set a high bar for next year — and demonstrated just how competitive an EV can be in that arena.

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