Ineos Goes Electric With Announcement of New Fusilier

It'll be available fully electric and as a hybrid

INEOS Fusilier
Ineos's new Fusilier takes the automaker into the realm of the electric.

To date, Ineos’s foray into the automotive world has been off to an encouraging start, with sales of the vehicle expanding into new regions and the automaker offering new permutations of its signature Grenadier, such as the Quartermaster. There’s been one automotive area that Ineos has yet to expand into, though: electric vehicles. It’s not that there haven’t been rumblings of something in the works – it’s hard to think of an automaker in 2024 that doesn’t have some sort of electric strategy. But there’s a difference between announcing plans and announcing an actual model, and this week Ineos joined the latter camp.

The way it’s done so is especially intriguing. The newly announced model, known as the Fusilier, will be sold in two configurations: one fully electric and one hybrid. Ineos described the Fusilier as being “slightly smaller” than its Grenadier.

“BEVs are perfect for certain uses: shorter trips and urban deliveries, but industry and governments need to have realistic expectations around other technologies that can help accelerate the necessary pace of change,” said Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the company’s chairman, in a statement. “That is the reason we are offering an additional powertrain for the Fusilier, one that dramatically reduces emissions but has the range and refueling capabilities needed.”

It’s a savvy move for the automaker — one that seems poised to take advantage of the growing popularity of hybrid vehicles as well as getting a foothold in the purely electric space.

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Some information on the Fusilier remains unknown, however — including its actual release date and specifications of the powertrain. As per the automaker’s announcement, we can expect to learn both of those this fall. For now, the Fusilier will be tested on Austria’s Schöckl mountain, where both Ineos and Mercedes-Benz have explored the capacities of various vehicles over the years.

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