Old Forester Added a New Wrinkle to Buying This Year’s Birthday Bourbon

This year's process will be a little different than in years past

Old Forester
Old Forester's distillery.
Old Forester

For bourbon aficionados, Old Forester’s annual release of a new bottle of Birthday Bourbon is a major event. In a 2020 article here at InsideHook, Kirk Miller wrote about the demand for these bottles and the growing secondary market for them. A quick bit of research finds shops pricing bottles of the 2021 Birthday Bourbon at anywhere from $800 to $1,200 — with some exceeding even that. The suggested retail price, mind you, was $129.99.

How, then, do you make sure that someone willing to pay the suggested retail price has an opportunity to do so? As VinePair reports, Old Forester is making the opportunity to buy the bourbon national in scope, as opposed to focusing on those who can wait at the distillery in person.

Via their Instagram account, Old Forester provided more details on their plan. It’s described as a “sweepstakes” will run from August 24th through the 31st. The post directs interested parties to sign up for the distillery’s newsletter.

According to VinePair’s article, winners of the sweepstakes will be notified on September 2, and will have the opportunity to buy a bottle of Birthday Bourbon if selected. The cost is $149.99, which isn’t cheap — but compared to what bottles will likely sell for in the months to follow, it might well be a bargain.


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