How Have We Never Heard of the Second Most Popular Spirits Brand on the Internet?

Started in Wales and not available widely in the U.S., Au Vodka is reportedly more famous than Captain Morgan and Smirnoff

Several bottles of Au Vodka, the second most popular spirits brand online according to a new study
The secret to Au Vodka's success? It's probably all that gold.
Au Vodka

According to a recent study of the most popular spirits brands on the internet, the online world is obsessed with something called Au Vodka.

Per The Drinks Business, a recent examination of 121 spirits brands conducted by the “botanically brewed” mixers brand Fentimans determined that Hennessy Cognac was the most searched and most popular tipple on the internet, with a lot of credit given to the brand’s popularity on Instagram (each spirits company was ranked and scored in nine different categories, including volume of searches and social media stats).

Numbers three through five on the list are also well known: Captain Morgan, Smirnoff vodka and Ciroc vodka. But the second most popular spirits brand, at least when it comes to online stats? Au Vodka, which was credited for its high ranking due in part to mentions on Twitter.

Based in Wales and partially owned by TV personality Charlie Sloth, Au — the symbol for gold on the periodic table — is an ultra-premium vodka that appears to get by on a lot of showmanship. Even the entry-level expression arrives in a gold-colored bottle, but you can also showcase your spirit in a $260 light-up case, or you can shoot Au Vodka branded bills from a gold money gun. Neither of those options includes an actual bottle of booze, however (and for the latter, batteries are not included). The vodka also comes in interesting flavor profiles (and colors) like blue raspberry and green watermelon.

Another reason their social stats may be up? According to the company, they recently completed a Lamborghini giveaway where people could enter by following their accounts, liking posts, commenting and tagging friends.

The online retailer Harvey Nichols describes Au Vodka as the following: “Inspired by gold, Au Vodka combines British heritage and luxury ingredients to create truly exceptional ultra-premium vodka. Each batch of Au Vodka’s Premium Vodka begins with the finest grain grown in the heart of the English countryside which is blended with pristine spring water and filtered through the most formidable natural element in the world: gold.”

Au doesn’t appear to be available widely in the U.S. yet, as the brand’s American site simply says “coming soon.”


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