15 Hangover Cures From People Who Drink for a Living

From hair of the dog to hot noodle soup, these bartender pros serve up their best hangover helpers

December 28, 2022 6:44 am
Ramen noodle soup with peanut sauce and chicken
We'll definitely take a bowl of this after a big night out.
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With New Year’s Eve looming this coming weekend, we’re solidifying our plans and deciding the best way to celebrate the holiday. Whether you think it’s overrated or can’t wait to party with family and friends, one thing’s for certain: you’ll probably have several drinks to ring in 2023. In preparation for the big night and to make your New Year’s Day a little less painful, we asked 15 professional bartenders to fill us in on their best hangover cures. From the age-old advice of drinking plenty of water to mixing up a savory hair of the dog beverage, you can trust these cures from the people who drink for a living. 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate 

“The best cure is prevention, so if you can eat a full meal and also be diligent about drinking one glass of water for every drink (at the very least, one glass of water for every two drinks), that’ll significantly lower your chances of a hangover the next day no matter how much you drink.”

– Justin Lavenue, owner, operator and co-founder, The Roosevelt Room

“After you party the whole night on the 31st, grab some Gatorade before going to bed or once you wake up in the morning. Then get yourself some delicious Eggs Benedict, and resist the temptation of chasing it with a Bloody Mary!”  

Giuseppe Santochirico, beverage director, Midnight Theatre, Hidden Leaf and Midnight Cafe

“I just discovered the crushed Asian pear drink as a hangover preventer, and I swear it actually works for a moderate night of imbibing! I had one last weekend an hour before going out to a cocktail party and dinner and woke up clear headed and full of energy.”

Holly Fox, founder, Last Word Hospitality

“I turn to lots of liquids and sometimes the help of a Berocca or Alka Seltzer. Really cold, electrolyte-heavy beverages are the go to!” 

Andy Shannon, bartender and co-founder, Candra

All the Vitamins

“I approach a night of drinking tactically, as if it is an athletic competition or mission where preparation is key. I choose to have a glass or two of water in-between each drink. I will also drink highballs, using club soda, to keep myself hydrated. On the mornings where this does not work, I have found vitamins and electrolytes to be king! My favorite hangover cure vitamin mix is vitamin B, C and D, magnesium, zinc and fish oil. These are washed down with a packet of Liquid I.V. and a black cold brew coffee.” 

Tommy Mauriello, 8 years in bar industry, current brand manager for a premium whisky

“The cure starts when you get home after your night out. If you can manage it, take vitamin C (I’m a big fan of the Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C packets in water). When you get up the next morning, start with a cold cup of water, two Ibuprofen and an Alka-Seltzer — the lemon flavor is actually kind of refreshing.”

Madison Barker, bar manager, Down & Out 

Eat Something Delicious 

“My hangover cure is handy ramen noodles, which I always have in my kitchen pantry. They’re easy to make (minimal effort is important when I’m hungover) and are always consistent. For drinks, ginger ale and pineapple juice absolutely help cure my hangover as well!” 

Emshika Alberini, owner and chef, Chang Thai Cafe 

“I go to Han Bat Restaurant in Chicago where I order their famous oxtail soup and also drink plenty of Pedialyte.”

Eddie Kim, Miki’s Park 

“I recommend a greasy cheeseburger to help cure a hangover. I also go for caffeine with a bunch of vitamin B and C and round things out with a nice, hot shower!” 

Graham Essex, head bartender, Passport Bar Room

“A plate of pork sisig (made with chopped pork parts and chicken livers) and sleep!”

Nyle Arias-Day, bartender, Gugu Room

What’s the Best Way to Exercise When You’re Hungover?
There isn’t any science to “sweating it out,” unfortunately

Get Your Sweat On

“For me, nothing beats pulling myself out of bed (despite how tempting it might be to sleep it off) and getting a sweat in. Any sort of workout where I can break a sweat leaves me feeling more energized and ready to move on with my day (and away from the night before). That and lots and lots of water.”  

Will Krepop, beverage director, Wiggle Room

Hair of the Dog

“The hair of the dog. There are a family of drinks designed to help with this — take the Corpse Reviver #2, for example, which is meant to wake the dead (or at least those who feel like death). If the thought of more alcohol the next day is too much to bear, take a multivitamin and drink plenty of water.”

Jason Hedges, beverage director, Laurent Tourondel Hospitality’s L,Amico, The Vine and Skirt Steak NYC

 “The hangover cure closest to my heart is the Michelada. Must be spicy, briney, ice cold and had first thing in the morning. The fact that there’s beer in it doesn’t hurt either.”

Shannon Inouye, bar lead and partner, Nossa Caipirinha Bar 

“My go-to hangover cure is a Michelada.  It has all of the Bloody Mary vibes without being so thick that you feel like you’re going to regurgitate last night’s bad decisions. People can get really fancy with this if they want, creating all sorts of sangritas to spike their beer with, but my go-to is the fast and easy combo of lime juice, Cholula hot sauce, light Mexican beer and a salt rim (because who wants to work hard when they’re hungover?) The salt and spice with the bubbles from the beer is enough to bring anyone back to life. Have two with brunch and then go back to sleep for a few hours.”  

Jessica Everett, operating partner, Esters

“My mother always says that to get rid of a bad hangover, you need a ‘hair of the dog that bit you.’ On certain occasions I agree and turn to a michelada with Clamato. A vegetable juice (green juice, beet juice) are a great source of hydration with a little extra hangover help. A little pinch of salt can be a lovely addition. You can even turn to ‘retox while you detox’ and add a splash of booze.” 

Natalia Garcia Bourke, co-founder, Candra


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