We’ll All Be Drinking More Limited-Edition Spirits in 2024

A “less but better” approach is taking hold in the drinks world. Other forecasted trends include improved no/low-alcohol options and an interest in “European flavors.”

A woman preparing cocktails behind a bar, front view. Bacardi's latest Cocktail Trends Report suggests what we'll be consuming in 2024.
European flavors, sustainability, AI and no/low boozy drinks are all very 2024
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As drinkers in 2024, we’ll be embracing limited-edition releases, “NoLo” beverage options and innovative blending and aging techniques. That’s according to Bacardi’s 2024 Cocktail Trends Report, an annual survey conducted in collaboration with the strategic foresight consultancy The Future Laboratory (TFL).

The report, now in its fifth year, involves Bacardi-led and external research, interviews with bartenders, and insights from TFL to “share the themes that are transforming flavor preferences, drink formats, and cocktail experiences in the coming year.”

The top takeaway? Consumers are embracing a “less but better” approach. Meaning, limited-time offerings and unique bottlings are becoming the norm (and collector’s items). And no- and low-alcohol options are becoming more premium while the quality improves and their popularity soars.

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A few other takeaways from the Bacardi Report:

  • Unique aging and blending will continue for dark spirits.
  • As a premium product, tequila will remain popular while the mezcal category will grow.
  • A link between drinks and destinations will deepen, with classic cocktails and “European flavors” dominating.
  • Bartenders will increasingly utilize sustainably sourced aromatics, florals, botanicals and oils, as younger generations push for accountability (per the report, 43% of younger respondents in the U.S. intend to consume more cocktails made with natural ingredients in 2024).
  • Our robot overlords are here. Younger consumers will embrace AI for drinks recommendations, though the report does note that “while 8 in 10 younger consumers across select markets are looking to explore AI recommendations, they are adamant about maintaining the emotional connection and artistic finesse that only bartenders can provide.”

Again, this is only one report, and while prior Bacardi surveys have been pretty accurate (we all did kind of embrace fun and spicy in 2023), there are bound to be a few surprises in the new year — and some disagreements. A new trend piece from Just Drinks, for example, suggests tequila’s rise will crest in 2024 and vodka will see a resurgence.


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