This House Comes in a Box, Takes Four Weeks to Build

She kick you out again? We've got a solution.

August 22, 2016 9:00 am

Got $117,000 and a patch of land to spare?

If so, you could join the ranks of America’s homeowners in just a few short weeks — 4-6, to be exact.

Prefab houses may not look like complicated engineering concerns, but many can still take up to a year from contract to housewarming — an unappetizing and often unexpected footnote to the tiny home building experience. 

Not so for Avava Systems’ Britespaces, which its makers promise can go up in a month, give or take a few days. In that time, you’ll get one of three standard models: Model 264, Model 352 or Model 480. (The names denote each version’s square footage.) Each one is shipped, flat-pack IKEA style, to its location, where third-party construction crews pour a concrete foundation and fit the house itself into place. Finishes and colors are up to you; the Model 264 and 352 are studios, while the 480 is a one-bedroom. 

Interested? It’s all yours for a base price of $117K.

Apparently a second saved is also a penny earned.

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