This Is a Zero Degree-Rated ‘Winter’ Hammock. It Is for Lunatics.

We'll be over here in the cabin. Thanks, though.

March 17, 2017 9:00 am

To prepare for winter, you put new tires on your car, clothes in your closet and boots on your feet — why not give your hammock similar protection?

That’s the thinking that led Sierra Madre Research to develop the Inferno Cocoon Hammock, a two-part sleeping bag that may bring the lost art of hibernation out of hibernation. Designed to fit the contours of most standard hammocks, the Inferno’s top quilt has a billed hood and “footnest” for maximum warmth and a backless design to make accessibility a breeze. The canoe-like underquilt stretches out across the bottom of the hammock and seals in warmth.

Both pieces feature Sierra Madre’s HydraSHIELD fabric (a weather-resistant material that repels rain and snow) and lightweight Power Downtek to provide insulation in wet conditions.

Inferno Hammock (4 images)

Sierra Madre came up with the design after polling hammock owners about problems they faced during winter and finding out standard rectangular blankets had left campers out in the cold. (Also yes, apparently there is a subset of people out there who are especially knowledgeable about recurring winter hammocking problems.)

“These features answer problems many hammock-campers face with traditional sleeping bags or under quilts,” says designer Richard Rhett. “With typical designs, the insulation compresses and shifts, resulting in convective cooling and unequal distribution of insulation, thus you wake up with a very cold butt.”

Available in two models (30 or 0 degree ratings) the Inferno is on Kickstarter starting at $340.

Get ‘em while they’re hot, which is always.

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