These Animal-Themed Coffee Tables Are the Ultimate in Creature Comforts

Welcome to the jungle...

August 18, 2016 9:00 am

Ever look around the room and think, “There is just not enough critter-themed art in here.”?

We were having the same problem until we learned about the Water Tables by artist and woodworker Derek Pearce, which effectively combine our love of animals with our love of flat-topped, four-legged furniture.

We won’t say “visionary,” but we will say that these are damn cool.

A pane of glass sits as the “water” tabletop and figures of dolphins, hippos, seals, ducks and frogs sit under the surface, little parts peeking out above the water.

Whether you’d adopt one of these designs or not, you gotta hand it to Pearce, he not only owns the animal table market, he pretty much invented it. And the Water Tables are but one of his original ideas. Pearce is a performer and musician, (he allegedly taught Helen Mirren to dance the Polka).

You’re a rare one, Mr. Pearce. We’ll raise a toast to you — but we won’t forget to use a coaster.

Check out his site for more surrealist furniture, art and even an eco-friendly tiny home.

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