Wanna Sign a Lease for an Apartment That Travels the World?

The first co-living space for Generation Nomad

May 5, 2016 9:00 am

Home, they say, is where you make it.

If you’ve got a laptop, frequent flyer miles and a ride to the airport, it’s time to put that theory to the test.

Intended for folks your grandfather would have called beatniks or vagabonds, Roam is a new service catering to “location independent” workers who can perform their jobs from anywhere in the world.

After signing a lease that provides access to any of Roam’s co-living spaces, Roamers have the option of staying for a week ($500), a month ($1,800) or longer in a community of like-minded nomads. If that immediately conjures up visions of hostel horrors from your post-college Europe trip, put your fears to rest.

Each of Roam’s rooms is private and comes with its own bathroom. All utilities are included and access to a co-working space with “battle-tested” Wi-Fi is part of the deal.  The startup is still in its infancy, but it plans to have 10 locations around the world by 2017.

“it’s not just for the young single freelancer,” says founder Bruno Haid. “It’s for the couple in their late 30s who are going to have kids and want to downsize for a year or two. Or the empty-nesters who say the kids are in college, let’s travel the world for two or three years.”

Although the company only has Miami, Bali and Madrid (opening May 31st) available as locations now, it intends to add London and Buenos Aires in the near future.

Guess Roam wasn’t built in a day, either.


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