Restoration Underway on Walt and Roy Disney’s First Los Angeles Home

It's been designated as a Los Angeles Historical Cultural Monument

Walt and Roy Disney on the beach in a black and white photo. The brothers' first house in Los Angeles is undergoing a restoration.
Walt Disney on the beach at Waikiki playing the ukulele while his brother and business manager Roy documents.
Bettmann Archive

In 1923, a young man ventured west to seek his fortune — specifically, to Los Angeles, where his brother was already living. It’s a familiar enough narrative, but most young men seeking their fortune are not Walt Disney. Still, Walt at 21 wasn’t far removed from many other young people looking for a job then or now, which in this case involved staying with family members while getting on his feet.

Walt Disney and his brother Roy ended up staying with their aunt and uncle at 4406 Kingswell Avenue. An article at Frommer’s offers some specifics about the home, including that it was built in 1914 in Los Feliz. Walt lived and worked there, spending time creating animation in a shed behind the Craftsman house.

Ever since then, the house has held a significant place in Disney lore, even as its ownership has changed hands over the years. (Along the way, it evaded being demolished.) Now, however, the house where a storied animation career came to fruition is in the process of being renovated, according to a new report at Deadline.

The article doesn’t offer many details about the renovation, only that the house has been designated a Los Angeles Historical Cultural Monument, and that the effort will “restore the house to its 1914 Craftsman bungalow standards.”

Suffice it to say, Disney fans will have yet another stop to add to their California trips.

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