Amphibious Tiny Home Frankly Doesn’t Give a Damn Where You Park It

What's better than a lakehouse? A portable one.

July 11, 2018 9:00 am

I spent a good chunk of last week up in Minnesota and can confirm the rumors are true. The state really does have 10,000 lakes.

And hiding among the fleets of pontoons, jet skis and speedboats, you’ll find the occasional houseboat bobbing about. Looking one up and down, the words “portable” and “bespoke” don’t jump to mind. More like “shack” and “shack on water.”

Reversing that trend: Le Koroc, from Quebec design house Daigno. It’s a tiny house that can swing with the best of ’em … only the whole thing’s resting on three marine-grade aluminum floats. And because it’s you can haul it with a truck or large SUV, Le Koroc is very amphibious. What we’ll call “lake-hoppable.”

houseboat (4 images)

Le Koroc’s main cabin — made from laminated white cedar beams and plywood — houses a handsome kitchen, dining area and bathroom, and gives way to a massive porch, from which captaining, fishing, grilling, stargazing is a breeze. Plus, with solar panels, a propane heater, LED lighting and a fresh water tank, you’re all set for staying civilized, while heading off the grid. 

Find more information on purchasing and customizing your own tiny houseboat here.  

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