This Woman Built an Incredible Tiny Home Using an Abandoned Van

Recycling has never been more gratifying.

September 8, 2016 9:00 am

What this woman did with an abandoned van base and some DIY ingenuity is something to see.

The details would impress even veteran tiny home dwellers. Elizabeth Pearson’s home clocks in at a scant 40 square feet. She constructed it after teaching herself building techniques and scavenging materials in the Spanish countryside, where she lives. By doing so, she’s avoided the flat-pack, identikit look of many tiny homes on the market. 

She’s so off the grid, the house is literally on wheels. The toilet’s compostable, many of her building materials are recycled, and she cooks on a gas-powered stove. 

A feature you may be less interested in: an outdoor spot for yoga. More to the point: a pair of outdoor dining terraces. 

For many more looks at her building process, see Pearson’s Instagram

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