This Flat-Pack Cabin Can Be Erected, Well, Anywhere You Can Schlep It

The more inaccessible the spot, the better

September 29, 2016 9:00 am

Maybe you have a favorite patch of land. Maybe that patch of land is miles from anywhere else, and better accessed on foot than wheels. 

What to do when living there’s the dream? 

Well, we’ve got a solution. It won’t work for your average suburban tract, but if you’ve got some space best reached by, say, helicopter, we’ve got the flat-pack cabin for you. 

It’s the Backcountry Hut Cabin, designed by the Vancouver-based Leckie Studio Architecture + Design.

The cabins may have been designed with ease-of-construction in mind, but they’re also seriously good looking — it’s no surprise that they were inspired by IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad’s exhortation to develop excellent design not for the 1%, but for the masses. (Well, the masses who also have access to private natural lands and/or helicopters.) 

Prefab panels fit into a framework, ensuring fast, straightforward construction. “The whole assembly can be erected by volunteers in the tradition of the community barn-raising process,” the studio says in its promotional materials. Each unit is scalable in increments of 10 feet — just add on. 

To sum up: You’ll need the flat-pack kit, a helicopter (maybe a series of donkeys in a pinch) and some space. While we’re dreaming big, we vote for a lake view. 

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