These Norwegian Cabins Sit 25 Feet in the Air, Look Cozy as Hell

Time to unwind with the birds

January 3, 2019 9:00 am

A “cabin” doesn’t mean what it used to. 

The historical standard — a secluded, wooden, one-story dwelling that smells like pine needles — isn’t so standard anymore. Now, a “cabin” is any quiet retreat that’s tucked away from it all. Shape, materials used and number of stories be damned. 

And that couldn’t apply more to Norway’s treetop cabins, a pair of painted canopies in eastern Norway, which look far more like Star Wars imperial walkers than wilderness lodges. 

PAN (7 images)

Officially dubbed the PAN Treetop Cabins (named for the Greek god of the wild) and designed by architect Espen Surnevik, each cabin sits on stilts 25 feet off the ground, and is reachable by an attached outdoor spiral staircase. Inside awaits accommodations for six (flaunting that usual Scandinavian fusion of coziness and cool), along with a full kitchen, electricity and water. 

It’s not camping, it’s not a weekend at the spa. It’s somewhere in the middle. And the cabins are located near Flisa, Norway (two hours by car north of Oslo), which means the site’s far enough south to be easily visited during all four seasons. The views of nearby Gjesåssjøen Lake don’t look half bad either. 

For more information on booking one of the cabins, head here

All images from PAN


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