This Monstrous 500-Foot Yacht Will Be the Biggest Ever

There's a great master suite ... 125 feet above deck

July 25, 2016 9:00 am

There are superyachts, and there’s the Shaddai superyacht.

In fact, the Shaddai probably warrants a new class of yacht altogether, because if the concept — in all its 492-foot glory — ever finds a buyer, it will be the largest luxury yacht ever built.

Conceived by Italian designer Gabriele Teruzzi, the Shaddai, meaning “omnipotent,” offers its owner a very nice master suite … 125 feet above the deck.

The master quarters’ private terrace offers a dining area, bar and infinity pool designed to create visual continuity with the vast sea beyond. On deck, there’s a second infinity pool, waterfall, hefty aquarium, spa and formal dining room.

Yet to be commissioned, the Shaddai could accommodate 32 guests in 16 private suites and would run a fella approximately half a billion dollars to build.

Best part? With a built-in beach, you’d never have need to dock again.

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