The Internet of Things Just Came for Your Bedside Table

If your side table can't surf the web or keep your drinks cold, why even bother?

March 10, 2018 5:00 am
Sobro Smart Side Table (Courtesy of Sobro)
Sobro Smart Side Table (Courtesy of Sobro)

Do any of us really need an LED-equipped smart bedside table that can wirelessly charge your phone, play music and keep beverages or your favorite midnight snack cold in its refrigerated door?

In a word, absolutely friggin’ not.

But, given all the cool elements the Wi-Fi-enabled piece offers, we certainly wouldn’t kick the Sobro Smart Side Table out of the room if it ended up next to our bed. In addition to the features listed above, the table’s attributes include a motion sensor that’s connected to a night light, a locking storage door and enough USB ports and power outlets to juice up an army.

Sobro Smart Side Table (Courtesy of Sobro)

Currently available on Indiegogo, the Sobro Side Table met its $50,000 funding goal in less than an hour of being live and is already well on its way to raising at least five times that much cash.

With a retail price of $900, the table is available for its early-bird price of $299 for a limited time.

Want one of the side tables by your side? Head here, and then give your old one the bad news.

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