Tesla Just Released the Easiest-to-Install Solar Panels on the Market

Or just keep throwing money away to be a slave to the grid

April 10, 2017 9:00 am

We keep hearing that saving the Earth is sexy.

Not if you look at the current state of solar panels. Going green usually means your house going full eyesore (to the point that your neighbors may sniff something about “lowered property values,” if zoning laws even permit it).

But that’s about to change. In a relatively quiet move for headline-grabbers Tesla (which just passed General Motors as the most valuable car-maker in America), the company unveiled some extremely low-key new solar panels over the weekend on its website.

As the company notes, these new panels were specifically designed to blend into your roof, utilizing integrated front skirts and no visible mounting hardware. Yes, that means you can simply add them to your exisiting roof, whereas most solar roofing alternatives to this point have required full-sail roof replacement. They also pair well with Powerwall, Tesla’s at-home battery, so you can pretty much weather any power outage with ease (and, now, subtlety).

And yes, this was by design. As Electrek notes, Tesla’s new panels were decidedly all about “better aesthetics.”

Interested? The company is currently taking quotes on its site.

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