Houses of the Holy

Five stunning homes built in converted churches

By The Editors
October 9, 2015 9:00 am

Question: How does a man walk around naked in a church?

Answer: He buys the church and turns it into his home.

With stained glass windows, balconies and vaulted archways, out-of-use churches are the modern remodeler’s dream. Below, we’ve compiled five of the most stunning chapel-to-abode conversions to hit the market in recent years.

London, UK

This London home designed by Gianna Camilotti is anachronism at its finest. She converted this church into a sleek, modern loft by adding tons of glass and low-to-the-ground furniture while preserving the arched windows and dark brown rafters.

North Pennines, UK

The Chapel on a Hill in North Pennines is the only one listed here that you can actually rent (via Airbnb). Designed by Evolution Design, the modish white interior is complimented by heaps of natural light from the heavens … er, skylights. 

Photo: Chris Humphreys

Adelaide, Australia

The owners of this home in Adelaide began with the bluestone facade of a 19th century-church. Inside, they kept some of the original brick and stone, but sheetrocked over most of it and brought in premium appliances.

Adelaide, Australia

Here’s another 19th example out of Adelaide. This one has Poppy art and drapes, giving it more of a contemporary feel while playing off of the arched windows and stone walls.

Utrecht, NL

This church (also the main image) was converted into a home and then an office by Zecc in 2009. The gothic structure was originally built in 1889, and Zecc maintained the high, vaulted ceilings and openness while painting it white to lend it a fashionable update.

Photo credit and main photo credit: Frank Hanswijk

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