Today’s Lifehack: Become Millionaire, Move Into Floating House

Ocean views, you say? Try 360 degrees of 'em.

September 9, 2016 9:00 am

Some lucky son-of-a-gun is going to be very happy and very popular come 2017, when ribbons are cut on this recently commissioned floating home in the Aegean Sea.

We’d just like to say now, for the record, that we’ve always liked you, unnamed client, and wish we spent more time together.

The floating fantasy in question comes by way of Boston-based Schopfer Associates. It’s called the Stingray, so named for the approximately circular living space, tailish pathway that connects it to the mainland, and the fact that it feeds on mollusks and crustaceans (two truths and a lie).

It may as well be a still from the next Bond movie: luxury car in the illuminated drive, a select few yachts moored and ready for date night/quick getaways from would-be assassins. Bet if you swung open the closets, they’d be full of tailored sharkskins.

Designboom reports that “green initiatives will be incorporated in both design and implementation,” although how awful is it to say that solar panels would sort of diminish its looks? Really awful? Fine, the panels stay.

The one thing that’s a bit underwhelming about the place is the interior design, especially in the living and dining room, which feels like a boardroom in comfy clothes.

But that’s not a problem if you plan to make the built-in sand beach your basecamp.

Which we do.

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