Sony’s New Easel-Style 100″ TV Is a Majestic Piece of Home Technology

You're gonna need a bigger living room

July 21, 2016 9:00 am

When wall-mounting a TV, finding a large enough stud in the wall can be an issue. (Missing the stud altogether: even bigger issue.)

But with Sony’s new Z series line of LCD TVs, the only issue you need to worry about is having a large enough room to admire your screen in all its towering, pedestaled glory.

Available in 65”, 75” and 100” models, the 4K HDR Ultra HD televisions utilize an innovation called Backlight Master Drive technology that uses a dense system of LEDs and algorithms to give the Z’s screen unprecedented color, brightness and contrast levels.

Designed to offer “unparalleled contrast and realism,” Sony believes the Z series offers an image that rivals the picture 4K OLED TVs can produce.

While working on the the TV’s object-based HDR remastering system, Sony consulted with filmmakers and “sought the opinions and insight of the creative community,”  Sony Electronics president Michael Fasulo told Endgadget.

“By analyzing images in each scene and correcting color and contrast of each object individually, object-based HDR remaster can reproduce scenes with the detailed texture and the appearance of real life,” stated a Sony press release. “This technology also up-scales standard dynamic range HD content to near 4K HDR quality.”

Which isn’t even to mention the unit’s stunning aesthetics: it sits on four easel-style bisected legs, making it a seamless match for any well-appointed living room.

The 65” and 75” models are available for preorder ($6,999 and $9,999, respectively), but pricing details about the 100” are yet to be released.

Better get a bigger living room in the meantime.

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