The Most Famous Architect on Earth Wants to Sell You a Cabin

Snøhetta’s pre-fab home can go just about anywhere

May 8, 2017 9:00 am

With projects ranging from revamping Times Square for 330,000 daily visitors to the Oslo Opera House, Norwegian Snøhetta has proven many times over that they can go big.

But with latest build from the two-time World Architecture Award winners — a prefab cabin — they’ve shown us that they can also go small.

Named for the Norwegian word for a simple wooden structure with two or three walls and a roof, the 968 square-foot Gapahuk “gives priority to the common areas” and comes with three bedrooms, a bathroom, a spacious kitchen and living room and a large covered porch. Created for leisure home builder Rindalshytter, the compact cabin can operate on or off the grid and be placed on a number of different terrains, including, rock, sand or wooded areas.

Prefab Cabin (4 images)

The design of the Gapahuk’s twisting roof serves the purpose of giving it protection from the sun and wind, and its angled style gives the dual benefit of providing a spot to place solar panels. “Combining tradition and innovation, Gapahuk is designed to be a readymade cabin that fits into nearly any scenery,” Snøhetta says. “Focus has been put on designing a cabin that is flexible with regards to wind and sun conditions.”

Gapahuk kits are selling for $156,600, but construction costs are on you. Get a brochure here.

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