Stuff We Swear By: The Parachute Duvet Insert Makes Me Feel Like I’m at a Hotel

It is without a doubt the centerpiece of my at-home sleep setup

August 17, 2022 11:12 am
Parachute's Duvet Insert overlaid with "Stuff We Swear By" on a purple background
I use it all year long, and in any kind of weather.

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Item: Down Alternative Duvet Insert

Description: A duvet insert that’s stuffed with hypoallergenic microfiber fill that’s meant to “mimic the fluffiness and insulating ability of luxury down” and features a baffle box construction, which keeps said filling evenly distributed.

How I use it: I don’t mean to insult your intelligence by telling you how I use it — obviously, I use it on my bed, on which I sleep, in conjunction with the rest of my bedding. But here’s the kicker: I use it all year long, and in any kind of weather, which is no minor detail, being that it is down-adjacent and, in theory, best suited for cold weather. I can confidently say that Parachute’s iteration knocks that notion on its head — it is, without a doubt, the best duvet insert I’ve ever used.

Why I swear by it: I am two things: an avid traveler and a sleep enthusiast. It is a direct result of the former that I spend a lot of time doing the latter in hotel beds. And I love a hotel bed. More specifically, I love bedding of the hotel variety.

In almost every case, hotel sheets are buttery soft, pillows abound and the comforter — whether it’s down, or a down alternative — is always, somehow, both weightless and ultra-warm (but never too warm). I truly never sleep better than when I’m tucked into a king-sized, hotel bed (despite never needing that much space).

That said, my own at-home setup pales in comparison…but not for lack of trying. I’ve spent hundreds — potentially thousands — of dollars trying to curate a Lore Group-worthy bedding situation, but to no avail. That is, until I recently invested in a new (and bigger) bed, and, subsequently, some new items to go atop. Including Parachute’s Down Alternative Duvet Insert.

Not only does it do everything it purports to do (“mimic the fluffiness and insulating ability of luxury down”), it also keeps me warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months, which is noteworthy because I’m a notoriously sweaty sleeper. Further, it’s soft, impossibly lightweight and, largely due to its design, the filling stays evenly distributed throughout. That’s right: no clumping. I’ve washed it plenty of times, too, and it’s remained in immaculate condition (though, I do follow care instructions).

Lastly, and most important of all, every night when I crawl into bed and, when I close my eyes, I’m able to imagine that I’m at my favorite hotel — the differences between my setup and theirs virtually nonexistent. My sheets are buttery soft, pillows abound and, now, my comforter is weightless and ultra-warm (but, of course, never too warm).

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