The Year’s Biggest House P*rn Festival, Incoming

Right this way to the home of your dreams

February 8, 2017 9:00 am

Modernism Week kicks off in Palm Springs February 16th — which means you’ve got just enough time to plan a trip to the high desert mecca of modern architecture. No other city on Earth does mid-century glam quite like Palm Springs, and there’s no better time to get inside some of these blockbuster homes than Modernism Week. 

Below, our recs for where to stay (our two top hotels both have rooms available), where to drink and which $15 million house to buy.

Everybody stays at the Ace — and we get it, it’s cool. Given the choice, though, the Saguaro is often half the price with rooms that are just as nice and a rainbow decor that’ll either give you headaches or power your Instagram for months. Both hotels have accommodating staff, good pools, and solid dining, though we like the food better at the Saguaro and the bar better at the Ace. 

Cheeky’s (shown above) had us from “$5 bacon flights” — it’s our best bet for breakfast. For lunch we like Lulu’s, in the heart of downtown: cheerful, cheap(ish), and possessed of an all-day happy hour. You can easily find fancier than Jake’s for dinner, but we like the laidback vibe and, of course, the meatloaf. 

Modernism Week comes but once a year and there are tons of tours, parties, lectures, and films — tickets still available. The Red Carpet Gala at the Christopher Kennedy Compound is a showcase of 20 designers’ work. There’s a lecture on the use of stone in the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. And we will be at the 17th Annual Palm Springs Modernism Show & Sale, a singular offering of MCM wares. 

A town historian suggested that the best way to see the interiors of famous residences was to wander around on Sunday afternoons, when realtors sometimes host open houses. Another way: Just buy the house, like this $1.2 million, 3000-square-foot five bedroom. You can spend more if you want, but we’d be fine with this. 

Photo of Modernism Week: David A. Lee Photography

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